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1. Nai Tun Thein

Constituency: Thanbyuzayat 2
Date of Birth: 30 November 1917
Place of Birth: Kado Village, Moulmein
Parents: Nai Aung Doon and Mi Nain Shwe

Nai Tun Thein passed primary school in Kado Village and continued middle and high school in Moulmein. In 1938, he passed High School with honor for several subjects, so he won the award of Collegiate Scholarship for five years. In 1940 he passed the first year of university examination with honor in chemistry. In the same year the World War II started and resulted to close the university until 1944. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1945. He was elected for scholarship at Chicago University, USA to continue his study in chemistry, but because of some reasons he could not attend.

From 1947 to 1949, he was the director of Kyeikhame Provision Education that comprised of eight districts. At the same time he was elected as Secretary of All Ramanya Mon Association for Kyeikhame province. From 1949 to 1958 he was an Executive Committee Member of Mon National Defence Organization (MNDO), at the same time served as Mon and Karen Special Representative for eight years based at Thai Burma border.  After MNDO entered into so called legal fold, changed arms for democracy in 1958, he continued his political activities under the constitution until the military coup led by Gen Ne Win in 1962. He was immediately arrested and put in jail for 6 years.

After he was released from the jail he voluntarly tought for stone inscription to the monks and university students. In 1985 he was appointed as the chairperson in the Higher Examination for the Buddhist monks. He has been extremely trying to preserve Mon culture and literature throughout his life.

Nai Tun Thein was elected as the Chairman of the Mon National Democratic Front in 1988 and to run in election in 1990. In 1992, he was arrested by SLORC and released in 1994 but have to report to the authorities regularly. Since the mid of 1998, he was detained at the military guest house for several times. At the moment he is released
from confinement in military guest house for the reason of his health.

(2) Nai Ngwe Thein,

Age 76 years

Affiliation: Mon National Democratic Front (MNDF)

Arrested on 1 September 1998

Sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment under the 1950 Emergency Provision Act and the 1962 Printers and Publishers Registration Act.

Place of Detention: Insein Prison, Yangon

Nai Ngwe Thein is a key person in Mon political revolution as well as in the affairs of ethnic nationalities. Nai Ngwe Thein, who is now nearly 80 years old, was born in Thong-ein Village in Karen State. While he was studying in the university the World War II broke out which resulted to close all schools and universities in Burma. He joined with Burmese Independence Army (BIA) and used to be personal assistant to General Aung San (according to the information from Nai Than Tin). But after the assassination of Gen Aung San in 1947, Nai Ngwe Thein had fully worked with All Ramanya Mon Association as Mon youth wing which later on changed into the arms struggle then to MNDO (Mon National Defence Organization). In 1948 Nai Ngwe Thein, together with his father, veterinary doctor, and two sisters fled to Myawady, Thai Burma border, when the Burmese military suppressed the political movement of the Mon and the Karen. He was the Executive Member of MNDO for 10 years, but in 1958 the U Nu’s rhetorical government successfully persuaded the MNDO to changed its arms with U Nu’s parliamentary democracy.

Nai Ngwe was elected for Mon delegation to attended at Taunggyi Conference in June 1961 as well as Nai Hla Maung, Nai Tun Thein, Nai Thein Maung, Nai Ba Saw, Nai Aung Chit San, Nai Myat Thardoon, Nai Tin
Pe and Nai Aung Chit. That was the last gathering of ethnic nationalities of Burma, before Gen Ne Win took over state power on March 2, 1962 and arrested all the ethnic nationalities’ leaders as well as members of U Nu’s government giving federalism as an excuse. (Nai Ngwe Thein was not arrested at that time, it may be he was not a
cabinet member or Mon MPs or may be his sister, who got married the high ranking position in the Burmese military at that time, would had helped for him).

The name of Nai Ngwe Thein was not disappeared in the Mon community in the role of culture and literature activist during the New Win’s military rule of 26 years. And then after 1988 his role in politic was obvious especial
before the election in May 1990. He used to be the chairperson in negotiation between NLD and UNLD, United Nationalities’ League for Democracy . He was one of the architects in forming UNLD and CRPP,
Committee Representing People’s Parliament. He was arrested by the SPDC on September 7, 1998 at his residence, Flat No. 211, Room No. 17, East Yankin, Yangon for criticizing the NMSP’s cease-fire agreement with
SPDC, and also for supportive to CRPP. At the moment Nai Ngwe Thein is in the Moulmein jail in the same situation as two other Mon MPs Dr. Min Soe Lin and Dr. Min Kyi Win. Now the only Mon MPs, Apart from NLD’s 30 MPs, are
remaining in jail.  All the other ethnic nationalities’ MPs were already released.

(3) Dr. Min Soe Lin

Age: 44 years

Profession: a medical doctor

Affiliation: Mon National Democratic Front (MNDF)

Elected Member of Parliament, Ye Township Constituency, Mon State

Arrested on 1 September 1998

Sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment under the 1950 Emergency Provision Act

Place of Detention: Mawlamyaing Prison, Mon State


Constituency:        Ye 1
Date of Birth:        31 August 1957
Place of Birth:       Kawdon, Ye Township
Father:                  Nai Tha Khin

The SLORC arrested Dr. Min Skoe Lin in Mudon, Mon State, on 6 November 1997. He was charged under Article 5 (j) of the 1950 Emergency Provision Act and was released from detention after a few weeks. The reason for Dr. Min Soe Lin’s arrest was his role in organizing celebrations for the 50th Non National Day on 23 February 1997. He was
released immediately after negotiation between Nai Shwe Kyin, NMSP president and SPDC authorities in Mon State.

Dr. Min Soe Lin was the General Secretary of the Mon State Commission for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations for Mon National Day. In this role, he repeatedly sought permission to hold the celebrations in Moulmein, the capital of Mon State. However, MIS Unit 5, based in Moulmein, refused to give its consent for the celebrations, and finally
the event was held near Kanni in an area under the control of the New Mon State Party (NMSP). The military considered this an act of defiance and Dr. Min Soe Lin was subsequently placed on the military’s
most wanted list.

Dr. Min Soe Lin joined the MNDF when it was formed after the 1988 uprising and was the General Secretary of the party when it was banned by the SLORC in 1992. Dr. Min Soe Lin received his medical degree from
the Rangoon Institute of Medicine in 1985.

On September 7, 1998, he was arrested again. At the same time, Nai Ngwe Thein, a Presidium of MNDF and Dr. Min Kyi Win, Joint-Secretary of MNDF were also arrested for supporting and formation of Committee for
Representing the People Parliament.

(4) Dr. Min Kyi Win

Date of Birth:     29 June 1952
ID No.:             2 MDN 136133
Place of Birth:    Nyaungon Village, Mudon, Mon State
Parents:            Nai Byaw and Mi Saw Shein
Education:        M.B.B.S
Author’s name:        Min Chan Mon (Medical 2), Lwee Mon (Medical Education),
Hongdon (Medical Education), in Mon and Burmese poetry, novels

Age: 48 years

Profession: a medical doctor

Affiliation: Mon National Democratic Front (MNDF)

Elected Member of Parliament, Mudon Township Constituency, Mon State

Arrested on 1 September 1998

Sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment under the 1950 Emergency Provision Act

Place of Detention: Mawlamyaing Prison, Mon State.

Name of wife:  Mi San Nwe (B.Com), lecturer at Moulmein Trade &
Commercial College
Names of children:  Banya Chan-Ai, Mi Chan Khamom Htaw, Mi Mon Chalon


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