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What kinds of benefits are available to veterans?

Veterans form an essential part of the country’s history and it’s crucial that we provide them with benefits suited to the contributions that they have made. But many veterans aren’t aware of these benefits that the government provides. Here are some that are available to veteran:-

Life Insurance

Veterans find it hard to get life insurance because of the injuries they sustain. This is why they’re entitled to up to $400,000 in life insurance under the Servicemembers’ and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance program. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t eligible for the basic VA pension; you’ll still be eligible for the A & A pension scheme.

Help with mortgage

There are many options for veterans that have trouble in paying their mortgages. These include help such as special repayment plans, loan forbearance, loan modification program and many more. Said benefits are available through the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Corporate Partners

Top companies have come under American Corporate Partners to aid veterans to get a job after their service. The ACP is a non-profit organisation and was founded in 2008 with the sole focus to support post 9/11 veterans. They not only give jobs but also provide mentoring, career development services, and networking.


Tax Preparation

Veterans are given access to free tax preparation through Volunteer Income Tax Assistance offices that have been set up in military bases. Veterans and their family are open to this benefit. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) is set up as a tax preparation service that aids low and moderate income individuals (earning less than $66,000 per annum).

Benefits after death

The families of deceased veterans are entitled to benefits such as a US flag that can be draped over a flag and a Presidential Memorial Certificate. The family may also be eligible for a death pension. The eligibility is given after the consideration of a set of rules.

Support for caregiver

If someone has chosen to take the responsibility of aiding an injured veteran, the caregiver is offered a support program by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The support program provides stress management, monthly stipend, health care access if the caregiver isn’t already entitled, travel expense, and a free support line. The caregiver must not be directly related to the veteran.


Under the GI bill, veterans are offered up to $2000 that they can use to enrol for courses or training which can help them pursue different career paths.

If you know a veteran who’s struggling to make ends meet, let them know about the benefits that are entitled to them.


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